Where to Ski in Argentina

Where to Ski in Argentina

Argentina Ski Adventure

Where To Ski in Argentina?

Can’t decide where to ski in Argentina or go snowboarding in Argentina? In deciding which ski resort or backcountry spot to go to for your next Argentina snowboarding or ski trip, everyone has different factors that are important. To aid in your decision making:
  • Check out our Argentina ski resort ratings which are broken down into many aspects such as: ski and snowboard terrain for different abilities; the snow; lift infrastructure; family-friendliness; nightlife; and the likelihood of finding “freshies”.
  • See the “best skiing in Argentina” page to see which are the most highly rated by Powderhounds’ readers.
  • See the table below for a list of major ski resorts in Argentina and backcountry areas for a description of location and whether each ski area is a destination resort or just suited to a day trip, and which are close to other areas to combine on a road trip or guided Argentina ski/snowboard tour.
  • See the Argentina ski resort statistics below.

Summary of Ski Resorts & Backcountry Skiing in Argentina

One part of your decision making about where to ski in Argentina may be related to whether a ski resort is worthy of a week long vacation, and if not, it’s geography and how easy it is to combine with other areas to give you adequate terrain variety for skiing or snowboarding in Argentina. 

 Where to Ski in Argentina / Snowboarding in Argentina
   Type*   Location   Nearby Town  Near Other
Major Ski
Go There?
 Caviahue  Minor destination  North Patagonia  Caviahue  No  No
 Cerro Bayo  Minor destination  Lake District, Patagonia  Villa la Angostura  Catedral, Chápelco  Yes
 Cerro Castor  Minor destination  Far south Patagonia  Ushuaia  No  No
 Cerro Catedral  Major destination  Lake District, Patagonia  Bariloche  Bayo, Perito Moreno  Yes
 Cerro Chapelco  Minor destination  Lake District, Patagonia  San Martin  Bayo, Catedral  Yes
 La Hoya  Day trip  Chubut, Patagonia  Esquel  No  No
 Las Lenas   Major destination  Mendoza Province  n/a  No  Yes
 Los Penitentes  Day trip/ overnight  Near Aconcagua  n/a  Portillo  No
 Perito Moreno  Day trip  South of Bariloche  El Bolson  Catedral  Yes
 Baguales  Cat skiing, ski touring  South of Bariloche  n/a  Catedral  Yes
 Mallin Alto  Sled skiing  South of Bariloche  n/a  Catedral  Package
 El Azufre  Cat skiing, heli skiing  Mendoza Province  Los Molles  Las Lenas  Package
 Heliski Argentina  Day or multi-day
heli skiing
 Chubut Province, Patagonia  Cholila  Perito Moreno  Package

Types of ski resorts in Argentina:
  • Major destination resort – you could stay here for a week. It is typically a large ski area with lots of amenities.
  • Minor destination resort – this is a moderately sized resort where you could stay for a few days. Your trip may combine it with another minor or major destination resort.
  • Day trip/overnight – you could stay overnight, but it’s more ideal for a day trip from a base or town nearby. You could go there on a road trip or guided tour.
  • Day trip – no on-mountain lodging and you’ll need to stay in a town nearby

Argentina Ski Resort Stats

 Ski in Argentina - Snow Statistics
Snow Per
Season (m)
(- S)
 Base Elevation (m)   Top Elevation (m)
 Los Penitentes  *  32.84  2,480  3,194
 Las Lenas  6  35.15  2,240  3,430
 Caviahue  6.7  37.82  1,650  2,068
 Chapelco  8.9  40.10  1,250  1,970
 Cerro Bayo  6  40.74  1,050  1,720
 Catedral  6  41.18  930  2,100
 Perito Moreno  *  41.96  990  1,750
 La Hoya  4  42.83  1,430  2,075
 Cerro Castor  3  54.72  195  1,057

* information not available
 Ski in Argentina - Ski Resort Terrain
   Hectares   Vertical  (m)  Trails   Lifts
 Los Penitentes  300  714  28  10
 Las Lenas 3,300  1190   29  14
 Caviahue 605 418   20  12
 Chapelco  1,600  720 28  12 
 Cerro Bayo 200 670   26 14
 Catedral 1,200 1,170   60 28 
 Perito Moreno  * 760   16
 La Hoya  60  645 28   9
 Cerro Castor 650   862 34  13

* information not available