Cerro Bay Facilities & Services


Cerro Bay Facilities & Services

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Even though Cerro Bayo is trying to change its image to be an upscale posh ski resort, most of the services and facilities are still delightfully rustic and covered with the characteristic blue paint. The exception is the new lift ticket office.

Cerro Bayo Ski Rental

The base area has three different equipment rental outlets that offer ski and snowboard rental. They have beginner grade equipment as well as premium equipment, but the skis are all slalom style. If you’re looking for a pair of fat skis you won’t be in luck. Rates are very reasonable.

Cerro Bayo also has a ski and snowboard hire outlet up at mid-mountain for the beginners so that they don’t have to carry their equipment on the chairlifts.

Villa la Angostura also has various options for ski and snowboard rentals.

Facilities for Children

Child care is provided on-mountain for babies up to children aged 4 years. The staff generally don’t speak English.

Cerro Bayo Ski School

Cerro Bayo has a small ski and snowboard school with offices at both the base and up at mid-mountain near the novice area. Lessons are held in group and private formats in Spanish.

Ski or snowboard lessons in English are somewhat hard to come by so you’d need to enquire to see if the school has English speaking instructors that season. Otherwise try Bariloche Ski Class, a small ski and snowboard school with English speaking instructors. Even though they’re based in Bariloche they also provide lessons at Cerro Bayo.

Cerro Bayo Shops

Cerro Bayo has a small ski and snowboard shop. This shop sells basic outerwear (ie jackets and snow pants) and lots of accessories such as helmets, gloves, goggles and beanies.

The base area also has a photo shop and a wee little chocolate shop, in case you need a fix of divine chocolate goodness.

Eating On Mountain

Cerro Bayo ski resort has no shortage of refugios, restaurants and eateries on-mountain, both at the base area and mid-mountain.

Altitude is an upscale restaurant that is popular with the sightseers that head up to the mid-mountain area via the lower gondola. The restaurant has table service and offers amazing views (especially from the tables on the deck), and you’ll pay lots of pesos for the privilege of dining there.

Another example of a mid-mountain eatery is Tronador which is conveniently located near the beginners’ area, so it is rather family friendly. Fare is simple and inexpensive and includes hamburgers, veal schnitzels, sandwiches and waffles. The eatery provides gorgeous views from the deck or from inside.

El Parador de la Quesoteca is located at the base. This cute little eatery also provides cheap and simple meals such as pizzas, sandwiches, hamburgers, empanadas, and cheese of course. They also sell hot chocolates that are fully loaded!

A bar at the base provides gourmet upscale gastronomy and naughty desserts. This cute restaurant has a terrace which is also good for après.