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Other Insurance

If you are skiing in areas that encompass a high degree of risk, make sure you have adequately prepared your personal situation before heading abroad.

Whilst ski / travel insurance will provide a certain degree of comfort, in situations where you may be disabled either permanently or long term, or even worse, killed, you should have all of your personal finances and insurances in place in the unlikely event of these occurences. Don't leave it to your family to have to find money to take care of your unfortunate situation.

Here is a quick checklist of things you should consider:
  • Are you covered by life / personal insurance for permanent disability?
  • Do you have adequate life insurance to look after your family such as paying off the mortgage and providing an on-going income?
  • In the event that you are killed, do you have a well prepared will that makes it clear about distribution of assets etc?
  • Have you left a schedule of all important aspects of your life including bank account details, passwords, business  records etc to enable people to clean up easily or carry on with your affairs?
This is quite a morbid thing to have to think about when you are all excited about your next ski adventure, however if something goes wrong it can be a total disaster for your loved ones, business colleagues and friends.