Activities & Tours

Activities & Tours

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Besides skiing and snowboarding at the resort, there are various Mt Hotham activities on offer in winter. Some of the Mt Hotham things to do are based at Wire Plain, just a little down the road from the Hotham village, and there are also a few activities based in Dinner Plain.

Ski Activities Hotham

If you want to head from Hotham over to Falls Creek for the day, you can take the HeliLink, which is a fast and very scenic way to travel to Falls Creek. As to be expected, the HeliLink only operates on fine days, and it’s only for day trippers (ie no luggage allowed).

Cross country skiing is a reasonably popular Mt Hotham activity, and there are no trail fees because the grooming is covered by the car parking fees. Hotham and Dinner Plain have 35km of Nordic ski trails. A blue trail starts at Big D at Hotham, although it’s possible to ski from Hotham Central along Higgi Drive to the official start the X country trails. Or if you only want to ski beginners’ trails you can catch the free bus down to Whitey’s or Wire Plain where various loops start. The most popular Nordic route is the trail between Hotham and Dinner Plain which is approximately 10km one-way and mostly intermediate rated with a couple of short black pitches. You can catch a bus between Dinner and Hotham (for a fee) if you only want to ski one way. Or our favourite Hotham cross country trail is the very scenic Loch groomed track that heads from the Loch car park up to the top of the Orchard chair lift, and from there you can head off-piste up to the top of Mt Loch. You can rent cross country equipment from one of the Hoy’s shops, and lessons are available too.

You can also go snowshoeing on the X country trails (equipment hire available at Hoys), but don’t walk on them or you may be greeted with steely glares from skiers who like the smooth corduroy grooming on the trails rather than deep bumpy foot prints.

Hotham also has an all-season indoor ski and snowboard treadmill slope, which is ideal for those learning to slide in the green season, or when the weather is rather yucky. Hotham 365 is located at Slatey Shed (Village Bus Stop 11).

Mt Hotham is well renowned for the fabulous backcountry and sidecountry terrain, some of which rivals overseas big mountain terrain, albeit with shorter vertical. When the snow conditions are primo, the Hotham backcountry is marvellous. The resort is snow offering Hotham backcountry tours. Of course, even though snowfalls are generally not abundant in Australia, avalanches can and do happen so take the usual precautions.

Backcountry Sled Tours

This is a very enjoyable Mt Hotham winter activity, but backcountry powder hounds stop salivating! This is not sled accessed backcountry skiing to chase powder, but rather the SnowStuff backcountry sled tours are a very lovely leisurely way to explore the scenery around the Hotham area from the comfort of a sled that is towed by a snowmobile and accommodates four people (ages 5+).

Your driver takes you from the General Store (bus stop 6) along tracks to Wire Plain and then onto tree lined groomed trails on the top of Possum Flat where you’ll get some great photo opportunities. Tours are 30-45 minutes in duration, or there is the option of a 1.5 hour lunch tour, or a sunset tour where nibbles and champagne are included whilst you take in the alpenglow views of some of the mountains surrounding Hotham.

Or if you really want to get into the backcountry and enjoy the alpine magnificence of Hotham without having to ski tour/split board there, SnowStuff offers longer Derrick’s hut tours that depart from the Loch car park and include a cooked lunch. Considering the tours head into the very scenic alpine and sub-alpine areas, the tours are highly weather dependent.

Family Activities Mt Hotham: Possum Flat

Mt Hotham has some reasonably steep slopes and there are no areas around the Hotham village or ski area that are suitable for tobogganing, yet just a short free bus ride away at Wire Plain/Possum Flat (bus stop 12) there’s a dedicated and safe snow play area that’s rather sheltered. The Possum Flat area has a toboggan slope, or you can just enjoy playing in the snow and make a snowman or snowwoman (for those that are very PC!).

SnowStuff Snow Play Park is based at Possum Flat and is your one-stop shop for snow play. They rent out Zipfys which are like toboggans except a little safer because you can actually steer the damn thing! You’ll also find other sliding gadgets, snowball throwers and other snow moulds if you want to get a little more creative. The CafePlay trailer is often there too, selling hot food and beverages.

Kids snowmobiling is also available, with child-specific snowmobiles for children over 5 years of age and under 50kg. The kids will love “hooning” around on the little snowmobile track. No Dad you can’t have a go! Also located at the park are sled dogs, with a range of sled dog tours available.


Another toboggan slope is available at Dinner Plain, as well as a tubing park which is lift served.

Snowcat Sunset Tour

The sunset tour includes a ride in a snowcat, a snow grooming machine with a heated cabin on the back. Once at the top of the summit, you can watch the sunset whilst partaking in gourmet nibbles, wines and beer.

Or you could just walk up to the summit and enjoy the sunset for free!?

Other Mt Hotham Activities

Grooming tours are available where you get to ride in a snowcat to see how the groomers make the ski slopes all delightfully corduroyed.

Or if you’ve battered yourself on the slopes with too much skiing or snowboarding, or just need some pampering, you can head to the White Spa. This Hotham day spa offers a variety of massages, facials and beauty treatments including waxing (which is obviously different to the waxing they offer in the ski/snowboard tuning and repairs centre!).

Or you can head to The Onsen in Dinner Plain which offers day spa treatments, along with an indoor swimming pool and an outdoor hot tub which is Japanese onsen inspired.