How To Get There
Travel to Tokyo

How To Get There

Travel to Tokyo

Most visitors on a ski Japan holiday will arrive via Narita Airport, which receives most of the international flights to Honshu. Narita Airport is 82km by road east of central Tokyo.

There are an abundance of flight options into Narita Airport. Airlines include Japan Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Jetstar, Korean Air, Air New Zealand, Air China, Cathay Pacific, Qantas, Thai Airways and Singapore Airlines (with whom you might want to consider a Singapore stopover).

You can use one of our recommended flight search engines to find a great flight to Tokyo.

If you need to stay overnight near Narita Airport (Tokyo International Airport), here are some listings for hotels near Narita Airport.

Haneda is the other Tokyo airport, which is primarily for domestic flights.

Narita to Tokyo

Japan Railways run a train service from Narita Airport into Tokyo Station, from where you can change to almost any train station in Tokyo. The Narita Express (NEX) takes just under an hour to travel from Narita to Tokyo. The NEX trains depart from Narita regularly; you can check Hyperdia for schedules and fares (the NEX is covered on the JR Pass). 

If you’ll be travelling on a Shinkansen (bullet train) at least twice on your holiday and doing other train travel, a potentially economical way to cover the fare for the NEX will be to purchase a JR Pass. For example a JR East Pass provides 5 days of train travel over a 14 day period.

Travel Around Tokyo

Train is the most efficient and effective way to get around Tokyo. Most Tokyo attractions are close to a subway or train station. Using the trains can be a little daunting initially, but the staff are happy to help and the station signs and LED inside the trains are usually in English as well as kanji. You can use Hyperdia to help you plan your route, and for timetables and fares. Wear good deodorant because there’s a chance you’ll be almost cheek to cheek with the locals on the train, especially during peak hour!