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Myoko Kogen Accommodation

The Myoko area has a large range of accommodation spread across various villages and towns. Myoko Kogen accommodation caters to most budgets and tastes and includes pensions, lodges, and ryokans (Japanese hotels), some with their own onsen. There are also a few European style hotels in Myoko. Modern is not a word you’d use to describe most of the Myoko Kogen accommodation, but it’s mostly inexpensive. If you're looking at traditional Japanese Myoko accommodation with futons on the tatami flooring, consider the size of the room. A room may cater for up to 4 futons (so 4 guests) but with big burly westerners and/or lots of luggage, the room may suddenly become rather squeezy! See the Japanese accommodation page for an overview of western vs Japanese rooms and the types of lodging typically found at the Japan ski resorts. noindex, nofollow