Getting To Hakuba 47

Getting To Hakuba 47

Where is Hakuba 47?

The Hakuba 47 Ski Resort is flanked by Happo One ski resort to the north and Goryu to the south. Goryu is interconnected with Hakuba 47 at the top, whilst it’s about 3km by shuttle bus between the base of Hakuba 47 and the Iimori base of Goryu.

It’s very close to the Echoland and Misorano lodging areas yet there are no bridges across the Hira River west of the Hakuba Olympic Bridge, so it’s not a readily walkable distance to Hakuba 47.

See the Hakuba travel page for information on the location of Hakuba Japan and how to get there.

Driving to Hakuba 47

The phone number of Hakuba 47 for GPS navigation is 0261 75 3533. It’s an easy drive to get there from anywhere in the Hakuba Valley because there are no steep or windy roads on the approach. Car parking is plentiful at the base area and it’s free.

Bus to Hakuba 47

It’s easy to get to Hakuba 47 for a day trip from the main Hakuba accommodation hubs, with a few bus services run by Hakuba 47 each morning from Happo, Wadano, Echoland and downtown Hakuba. Bus timetables are available from your accommodation, the Happo Information Centre, or at the bus stop.

There are also buses to Hakuba 47 from the Goryu and Iimori base areas.

There is also the Hakuba Valley shuttle bus (free if you have a HV lift pass or Epic Pass) which heads to Hakuba 47 from the Happo bus terminal, Happo One Ski Resort (Nakiyama slopes), Echoland Base Camp, and a couple of spots in Misorano.

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