Lotte Arai Restaurants

The Lotte Arai Resort restaurants are exceptional, although food prices are aimed at discerning guests who are looking for an upscale experience and are unlikely to baulk at the expense.

Other than the cafeterias in the gondola stations, the restaurants are spread across the two Lotte Arai Resort Hotel buildings. The hotel offers several dining options for breakfast, lunch and dinner, ranging from simple fare to buffet meals, to exquisitely prepared cuisine. The quality of the food is very impressive.

All-Day Dining Sou is the main restaurant in The Arai building. For breakfast and dinner, an impressive international buffet is offered with a large range of deluxe food offerings including Italian fare, Japanese cuisine, seafood, high quality beef, and plenty of other culinary delights. It's only a medium sized restaurant, so fortunately there isn't the same feeding frenzy vibe that you can experience at some other Japanese ski resort hotels. A lovely set menu is on offer for lunch. The décor of All Day Dining Sou is delightful and whilst there are large windows to look outside, there aren't really any views because there is usually way too much snow piled up (which is of course, a great thing!).

Over at The Lodge building, Hakobune Bettei offers exceptional Japanese cuisine. The traditional Japanese décor is beautiful and some of the tables offer nice vistas up towards the mountain. Breakfast is a customary Japanese set menu and particularly superb if you like fish to start the day. For lunch and dinner, the restaurant has a large range of dishes that are exquisitely prepared. The food at Hakobune Bettei is probably the best we've ever had in Japan!

The Lodge also features the Rainbow Italian Restaurant (adults only).

More informal dining is available at the bakery, the Udon restaurant, the juice bar, library café, and Lounge Sui. Or Coffee Lounge Nexus has "snow-aged coffee" - only in Japan!

Some of the restaurant staff speak a little English, but you occasionally might need to use your Japanese language skills or good old google translate.

Bars & Nightlife

As is very typical of Japanese ski resorts (that haven't been taken over by westerners), there isn't really any nightlife at Lotte Arai Resort. The "apres ski" time and "nightlife" might consist of a soak in the onsen, a quiet drink at one of the sophisticated lounge bars, dinner, and then off to bed to save some energy for the powder the next day.

Lounge Sui is a café lounge in The Arai building that serves up a small range of alcoholic beverages (until about 8pm), and has nice ambience for a peaceful drink. If you're game they also serve up coffee, but coffee in a can from the vending machine might be a better proposition!

Bar Ruri in The Lodge is a glamorous lounge bar that offers views of the night skiing and has a very large range of pricy beverages. It's a beautiful bar but keep your expectations incredibly low for any party scene in here!

There is a karaoke bar where you can pretend that you can sing well. Everyone might believe you if everyone partakes in the sake, cocktails and whiskey on offer. A little bit of food is available here too.