Rusutsu Activities & Tours

Rusutsu Activities & Tours

Rusutsu Activities

Rusutsu is a modern resort with plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained. Sure you can't play golf or go on the roller coaster during winter, but there are lots of other things to do. The activities are all organised through the resort, and some don't come cheaply.

Rusutsu Backcountry Ski Activities

You can do a private backcountry ski or snowboard tour at Shiribetsu which is adjacent to West Mountain with Black Diamond Tours.

Heli Skiing Rusutsu

Rusutsu heli skiing is fabulous because it offers the perfect combination of the best powder in the world and the ultimate lift, a helicopter! Unlike a couple of other Japan heli skiing outfits that offer very lame helicopter accessed skiing, Hokkaido Backcountry Club offers “proper” heli skiing that includes qualified backcountry guides and some fabulously steep terrain and long runs. The heli skiing is on Shiribetsu-dake adjacent to Rusutsu Resort and transport from your Rusutsu accommodation is included in the packages. Check out the 6 run Big Mountain Tours.

Family Activities

Rusutsu is a great destination for families, particularly in the Rusutsu Resort Hotel area. Inside the hotel, just wandering around looking at the weird kitsch décor is an activity in itself. Watch Daniel and the Dixie Diggers (large cartoon characters) sing, laugh at the bizarre singing and dancing tree, or go for a free ride on the merry-go-round. This artistic piece is beautiful. The only disappointment is that the horses and other animals don’t move up and down.

Other activities inside the hotel include a wave pool with a water slide and two games arcades.

Just outside the Rusutsu Resort Hotel is the snow park which is activity central for young children. The area has playground equipment and a magic carpet for tubing and sledding (aka sledging!). The tubing course is next door if the adults also want a giggle.

Snowmobile powered snow rafting is also a lot of fun for the kids or the young at heart.

There is also a vast array of indoor activities to enjoy including handicrafts such as leather working and glass craft. Or make food such as ice cream, potato cakes, caramel or cheese.

Energetic Rusutsu Winter Activities

The resort offers a cross-country ski tour that the Japanese like to call fitness skiing! They also offer snowshoe nature tours around the forest area.

Rusutsu has snowmobiling tours if you feel the need for a hoon amongst the powder (although the trips look very gentle rather than for hoons!). Snowmobile trips range from 5 minutes to 40 minutes.

They also have dog sledding tours that in classical Japanese style they call dog sledging (!! Hey you ugly dog, you’ve got dog’s breath)! They just provide a taste of dog-sledding with 15-20 minute trips.


The swimming pool at the Rusutsu Resort Hotel has a spa area. It is quite a sight sitting in a pool at about 34 degrees looking out at people night skiing where it can be minus 20 degrees. Anyone can use these facilities for just a few dollars and it is a great way to relax after a day’s skiing.

Rusutsu also has two indoor hot springs (onsens). The rejuvenating waters apparently cure all ailments and make you gorgeous! Either way, a soak in the onsen is another great way to finish a hard day on the slopes. The indoor onsen at the Rusutsu Resort Hotel is just a hot spring topped up with chlorine (for obvious reasons), whilst the more adult-friendly onsen at the Tower Hotel is sans-chlorine. The Westin Hotel also has a rotenburro (outdoor onsen).