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Hotel Taisetsu Onsen
The town is flanked by fantastic rock formations
Sounkyo Hotel Taisetsu
Sounkyo accommodation
Simple Japanese style accommodation at one of the pensions
The Sounkyo hotels have lovely onsens

Accommodation Info

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Kurodake accommodation is located in the town of Sounkyo. “Kyo” means gorge and Sounkyo definitely fits the definition with a dramatic ravine that is flanked by high cliffs and other rock formations. In contrast to the dramatic scenery are the many high rise Sounkyo hotels that are a little OTT. The faint aroma of sulphur indicates that Sounkyo is indeed an onsen town, and the hotels have beautiful onsens, but it’s not a cute onsen town like Shibu Onsen near Nagano with its many traditional ryokan.

The Sounkyo accommodation is reasonably close to the Kurodake Ropeway, although none of it is ski-in ski-out.

The majority of the Sounkyo accommodation consists of large hotels that offer a combination of western and Japanese style bedding. Most of the Sounkyo hotels offer lavish dinners as part of half board packages, which may include buffets or grand kaiseki (delicate multi-course) meals.

Sounkyo Hotels

Sounkyo Kankou Hotel is about 650 metres from the Kurodake Ropeway. This Sounkyo hotel features twin western rooms or Japanese style rooms, all with private bathroom, although the hotel also has a beautiful indoor and outdoor onsen. The hotel has various amenities including karaoke rooms. Free scheduled shuttle bus services between Asahikawa and Sounkyo are available with pre-arrangement.

The very lovely Hotel Taisetsu is only 350 metres from the Kurodake Ropeway, featuring delightful indoor and outdoor hot baths (onsen). This hotel has Japanese style rooms or twin western rooms; both types with private bathroom. Half board packages are available that include exquisite meals.

You can find other Sounkyo hotel options here.

Other Sounkyo Accommodation

There are a few Sounkyo pensions, providing very simple Japanese style accommodation.

The Sounkyo Youth Hostel provides very economical accommodation, although it’s only open during the summer months.

Asahikawa Accommodation

The other option for accommodation is to stay in one of the many Asahikawa hotels (about 1.5 hours away).