Getting to Kamoidake

Getting to Kamoidake

Where is Kamoidake?

Kamoidake Kokusai is 1.5km west of the town of Utashinai which is called a city, although it’s probably the smallest city in Japan! Kamoidake is located in Central Hokkaido in the region between the cities of Sapporo and Asahikawa.

Driving to Kamoidake

Driving is the best way to get to the Kamoidake Ski Resort and the telephone number for GPS navigation is 0125-745900. If you’re using google maps, input "Kamoidaike Ski Association" as opposed to “Kamoidake Ski Resort” otherwise it will attempt to take you to a road at the top of the ski area that is closed during winter.

If driving between Asahikawa and Kamoidake there are two routes: via the expressway; or via Ashibetsu past Kamui Links. The latter is a better option.

If driving from Sapporo or the New Chitose Airport, exit the expressway at Naia Sunagawa IC, and it’s a 10 minute drive from there.

Parking is available alongside the road below the ski area, or there is a small parking lot adjacent to Lift A. Parking is free.


Some multi-day guided trips include Kamoidake on the itinerary, pending snow conditions. These tours may be based in Furano or Asahikawa and include transport and guiding, which is very handy considering the type of backcountry terrain at Kamoidake. 

Other Ski Resorts Nearby

Ski areas near Kamoidake, with driving distances:

  • Kamui Ski Links – 35km to the northeast
  • Furano – 47km to the southeast
  • Katsurazawa – 59km south
  • Santa Present Park (a small mellow ski area) – 50m northeast

Kamisunagawadake was another ski area in Utashinai but it is no longer operating.

Ashibetsu is another nearby ski resort that is now closed.

There are several other ski areas within easy driving distance of the city of Asahikawa. See the Asahikawa overview for driving distances.