Travel to North Macedonia

Travel to North Macedonia

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Where is North Macedonia?

North Macedonia is the newest country in the world! Previously known as FYROM (the former Yugoslavia Republic of Macedonia), the name changed in early 2019. The country is in the Balkans, bordered by Serbia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Greece & Albania. It is approximately 950km south of Vienna in Austria. The capital of North Macedonia is Skopje, located in the mid-north of the nation within a few hours of all the best ski resorts & cat-skiing operations. Skopje provides a great starting point for journeys into neighbouring Kosovo as well.

Skopje is accessed by plane through the impressively named Alexander the Great International Airport (SKP). Overland routes to Skopje are NOT recommended, particularly in winter. Powderhounds recommends using pre-arranged transport (organised via tour operators or hotels) for travel around the country & surrounding nations.

Flights into Skopje Alexander the Great Airport (SKP)

The Skopje Alexander the Great International Airport (SKP) is a modern facility 23km by road east of Skopje. During winter, flights from worldwide origins include most major airports in western Europe, England & Scandinavia plus Istanbul, Dubai & Doha in the Middle East

Daily flights to Skopje from any one origin city are limited. Daily flights exist from Vienna, Austria and offer the most convenience if travelling to North Macedonia whilst already in Europe. Another useful major European airport is Zurich, with two airlines providing regular services to Skopje. Zurich was successfully utilised by the Powderhounds for our visit to North Macedonia & Kosovo. The middle eastern airports at Doha & Dubai can be useful if travelling from other international origins (i.e Asia, Oceania). See the flight map here for Skopje origins & destinations.

Powderhounds recommends using either Austrian, Edelweiss or Germania airlines. These airlines provide better seating, luggage allowance, service & reliability – albeit for a slightly higher price! Several budget airlines use ‘secondary’ airports in Europe & have cheap flight costs, however they are in the “you get what you pay for” category

To search for a great deal on a flight to Skopje, use one of our recommended flight search engines.

Airport & Hotel Transfers

Powderhounds recommends pre-organising direct private transfers from the airport to your ski destination with your tour operator or hotel provider prior to arrival.

Anyone wanting to go 'independent', can search & book a private transfer here.

Train & Bus Travel To & Around North Macedonia

Whilst it may be a sure way to POW (Protect Our Winters), taking the train & bus for travel to or around North Macedonia is NOT recommended at all, let alone in winter.

An exception would be the local bus (or taxi!) transport from the airport into Skopje. Vardar Ekspres runs regular bus services direct to the centre of Skopje for a princely sum. Taxi services from the airport are provided by the Airport Taxi Company and are heavily regulated with fixed prices to most destinations to avoid any issues for passengers.

Car Rental

If intending independent travel in North Macedonia, the Skopje airport is well served by numerous car rental and hire companies. Vehicles should be checked to ensure they are set up for winter driving (i.e. 4WD/AWD, snow tyres, chains). To search & book a rental car, use our recommended rental car search engine.

Be mindful that navigation in North Macedonia can be tricky, with many locations in the mountains not well signposted. The signage to Popova Shapka ski resort is stunning for its non-existence!

Anyone considering driving into Kosovo from North Macedonia should be prepared for a potentially challenging border crossing which may test one’s moral view of the world! Travellers from Australia & New Zealand will find it easier than Europeans, North Americans or those from the UK.