How To Get To Lech

How To Get To Lech

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Lech is in the Arlberg region of Vorarlberg state - the snowiest part of western Austria.

Where is Lech, Austria?

The Lech ski resort is 120 km west of Innsbruck & about 190km east of Zurich. The legendary ski resort of St Anton is only 20km away. The villages of Zurs, Oberlech and Zug are in close proximity to Lech.

Travel & Flights to Lech

Travel to Lech from overseas is best via the major international gateway airports of Zurich or Munich. The comparatively minor airports at Innsbruck and Friedrichshafen are great for those travelling to Lech from European or UK flight origins.

Zurich and Innsbruck provide the most convenient train transfer connections to Lech.

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Airport & Hotel Transfers

Private transfers are the quickest & simplest method of travel to Lech. Search & book all airport transfers to Lech here .

Train & Bus Transport to Lech Ski Resort

Train connections from Zurich, Innsbruck & Munich airports are possible to Lech's closest train station, Langen am Arlberg. The Langen am Arlberg train station is 17km south of Lech via Zurs. Taxis are available at the train station to get you to your Lech accommodation. From St Anton the number 92 bus connects to Lech, providing an alternative.

The Zurich airport is a short 10min train ride from central Zurich, where train connections to Langen am Arlberg are available (direction Innsbruck).

The Innsbruck airport is a 20min bus ride from the city centre and central train station on the Route F bus at the terminal. Taxis offer an alternative. Regular trains run to Langen am Arlberg via St Anton.

Munich airport is well served by efficient train transport which link quickly with train services to ski hubs like Innsbruck. Take the S8 line from the main terminal (trains every 10min) to the major Ostbahnhof for trains direct to Innsbruck and change to go onward toward Lech. Travel time is around 4hr.

Search bus & train transport options to Lech (or Langen am Arlberg) & book online here.

Driving to Lech

All road access to Lech in winter is from the south due to the winter closure of the Warth to Lech road from the north.

Lech is about 2.5hr from Zurich via the A1 or A3 and only 1hr35min from Innsbruck via the A12. Most Lech hotels provide parking spaces (many underground) and there are also public parking areas on the outskirts of the villages.

If hiring a car to travel to Lech am Arlberg, then plan your trip well. The roads can become congested particularly on the weekends between about 10am and 2pm. Where possible avoid the sections of Feldkirch-Lech and Imst-Lech during these times.

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Getting Around the Arlberg Region

Lech and Zurs are only 5km away from each other, but there are various options to get around and between the villages if you don’t have a car. The ski bus travels between the villages of Lech, Oberlech, Zug and Zurs during the day and there is a James bus service in the evenings. Of course, it’s possible to ski and snowboard around the villages during the day, or alternatively there are plenty of taxis waiting for a fare (but not one that's fair!).

If staying in Oberlech, there is a bus service that runs all day (until 7pm) every 15 minutes between Oberlech Schlossle and Lech Rufiplatz. The Bergbahn cable car is open from 7am to 1am.

Nearby Ski Resorts

St Anton ski resort is 20km from Lech. The ski areas of Zurs and Zug are also near Lech, but it’s a matter of whether you consider these separate ski resorts or all part of the same ski area. All are part of the Ski Arlberg lift pass area and are connected by a series of new gondolas. The snow magnet ski resorts of Warth-Schroecken (also part of Ski Arlberg) and Damuels are nearby as is the smaller Sonnenkopf. The fun Olympia Ski World resorts of Innsbruck are a short train ride away to the east.