Best Cat Skiing

Best Cat Skiing

Best Cat Skiing - Powderhounds Ratings

The Powderhounds awards for the "Best Cat Skiing in the world" are based on cat skiing reviews conducted by the Powderhounds (about 40 cat ski operations). You can check out our cat skiing ratings for more detail, and also see the top cat skiing as rated by the readers of Not surprisingly, it's many of the Canadian cat ski outfits that come up trumps overall and with respect to safety, whilst some of the Japan cat ski operators have the primo snow.

Best Overall Cat Skiing

This award is based on all of the factors that we rate, which includes terrain for different abilities, guiding, safety, value, frills, accommodation (where applicable), the snowcat, and the powder. 
  1. Selkirk Snowcat Skiing
  2. Big Red Cats
  3. Keefer Lake Cat Skiing
Other top rated overall BC cat skiing operators are White GrizzlySteamboat Powdercats and Skeena Cat Skiing. For more detail, check out the Powderhounds cat skiing ratings. Also see our various cat skiing reviews for detail on each company.

Best Cat Skiing for Powder Hounds

This award is all about the powder skiing and snowboarding. It only takes into account our terrain ratings (excluding the rating for strong intermediate terrain) and the powder rating.
  1. Selkirk Snowcat Skiing
  2. Valhalla Powdercats
  3. Park City Powdercats
Other highly rated snowcat skiing operations for powder hounds are White GrizzlyKeefer Lake, and Steamboat Powdercats.

Other Top Cat Skiing Awards

Best Snow: Otoe Cat Skiing, Weiss Cat Skiing, Iwanai Cat Skiing
Overall Terrain: Selkirk Snowcat Skiing, Keefer Lake, Steamboat Powdercats, Park City Powder Cats
Alpine/Sub-Alpine Terrain: Arpa Cat Skiing, Park City Powder CatsSkeena Cat Skiing
Best Tree Skiing: Keefer Lake, Selkirk Snowcat Skiing, Valhalla
Best Canada Cat Skiing for Intermediates: Weiss Cat SkiingAspen Powder Guides
Best Advanced Terrain: Arpa Cat SkiingBig Red Cats, Selkirk Snowcat Skiing, Valhalla
Best Expert Terrain: Keefer Lake Cat Skiing, White Grizzly
Guiding: Shimamaki Cat SkiingRising Sun Guides Cat Skiing
Best Snowcats: Keefer Lake Cat Skiing, Park City Powder CatsAspen Powder Tours
Safety: White Grizzly, Big Red Cats, Selkirk Snowcat Skiing
Frills: Keefer Lake, Steamboat Powdercats
Lodging: Keefer Lake Lodge, Island Lake Lodge
Value: Great Northern Snowcat Skiing, Skeena Cat Skiing
Unique Experience: Arpa Cat Skiing Chile, Shimamaki Cat Skiing Japan

Best Cat Skiing - Readers' Reviews

These awards for "best Cat Skiing" are based on the public reviews on Come and have your say on the top Cat Skiing company by reviewing and rating a Cat Ski Operation. Navigate to the Cat Ski Operator or Tour you want to review and click on the "add review" link in the left-hand-column. Put your vote in!

NB only Cat Skiing with a minimum of 2 reviews were considered in the awards. Where there are equal scores, the cat skiing company with more reviews is selected as the best. 1 The top overall Cat Skiing company is based on an average of the other above factors.
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