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Shotover Jet Boat

Shotover Jet Queenstown

New Zealand and Queenstown are renowned for jet boating, so it’s an essential experience whilst in Queenstown. The Shotover Jet is the most famous of the jet boat operators and they are unsurpassed. Others try to imitate, but they don’t quite make the grade. They have exclusive access to the canyons of the Shotover River, which is the best waterway to provide the best thrills as they weave down narrow canyons in incredibly shallow water.

Why would you want to go jet boating on a deep lake or wide river when you could experience the action packed Shotover Jet? Half the thrill of jet-boating is being a little bit scared and being on edge. The drivers are highly experienced and know how to give you a bit of a buzz by driving through ankle deep water, scraping past canyons walls, and doing 360s to see if they can make you dizzy. Other jet boat operators have more of an emphasis on the scenery and less emphasis on the exhilaration. With the Shotover you’ll get to enjoy the scenery, but it is accompanied by adrenaline pumping action.

Shotover Jet is only a 10 minute drive from Queenstown, and if you don’t have your own transport, there are frequent shuttle buses operating from The Station in central Queenstown. It’s best to book, but you won’t have too much trouble getting in as they can operate up to two boats every 15 minutes. 

Don’t blowdry your hair before visiting the Shotover Jet as you’ll get a little wet. They provide big spray jackets but keeping your head dry is your own responsibility. During winter dress warmly, and definitely take your sunglasses regardless of the weather, otherwise you’ll end up with very watery eyes. You can take your camera, but unless it’s splash proof it might be a little bit risky considering the spray that occurs during 360s. Alternatively, they have an official photographer on site who can provide you with a few snaps of your adventure.

Visit the Shotover Jetboat website for more details & bookings.