Kamchatka Ski Touring & Heliskiing

Breathtaking Kamchatka. (photo - Snow Valley)
Kamchatka skiing amongst steaming vents. (photo - 9Vallees)
Heliski Kamchatka. (photo - 9Vallees)
Kamchatka tree skiing. (photo - 9Vallees)
Ski Kamchatka volcanoes. (photo - 9Vallees)
When heliski is not possible, bring out the snowmobile. (photo - Snow Valley)
Ski Kamchatka. (photo - 9Vallees)
Kamchatka views to Koryaksky volcano. (photo - 9Vallees)
Kamchatka powder. (photo - Snow Valley)
Bears in Kamchatka, late Spring. (photo - 9Vallees)
Extreme terrain is plentiful on Kamchatka's volcanos (photo - Snow Valley)
Into the steaming crater you go........! (photo - 9Vallees)
Kamchatka powder skiing. (photo - Snow Valley)
Heliskiing Kamchatka. (photo - Snow Valley)
Ski Kamchatka. (photo - Snow Valley)
Snowboard Kamchatka powder. (photo - 9Vallees)
Ski Kamchatka. (photo - 9Vallees)
Snow Valley lodge, hotel and chalets, Kamchatka.
Beautiful Kamchatka. (photo - Snow Valley)
Heliski Kamchatka. (photo - Snow Valley)

Kamchatka Ski Touring & Heliskiing

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Ski Kamchatka

Kamchatka has an almost mystical appeal to skiers from all over the world. Smoking volcanic cones straight out of a Tolkien novel look forbidding, but Kamchatka's landscape is beautiful in the extreme. Steaming vents, huge tracts of forest, grizzly bears, stunning coastline and awesome powder skiing.

To ski Kamchatka in Russia is a goal the Powderhounds will all be attaining. Save up your rubles and check it out. Oh .......... and the grizzlies only come out later in the season!

Kamchatka Skiing & Snowboarding

First things first. Kamchatka has not much in the way of traditional ski resorts. Three small ski hills are located around the main town of Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky. One of the ski hills, Krasnaya (Red) Sopka, has a 300m vertical and offers a stunning view of the bay and surrounding volcanoes from the top of its T-Bar lift. Ski resorts are NOT the reason to ski Kamchatka.

All the best skiing and snowboarding in the world is either human, snowmobile/cat or helicopter powered. Kamchatka is no exception. The options for ski touring and epic backcountry are endless. All the major volcanos within a 200km radius of Petropavlovsk are approachable and skiable, including the incredible 3456m Koryaksky which looms over the town. A range of guides and touring companies are available or, if you have the skills, choose your own adventure. Best time of year is from March to June.

Heliskiing Kamchatka

From March to the end of June, Kamchatka has one of the world's most unique heliski seasons. Skiing on the flanks of multiple smoking volcanos and past steaming vents isn't something one can do in many places. Skiable vertical is up to 1600m depending on snow conditions. Total vertical in a day is typically up to 8000m. On bad weather days, snowmobiles tend to do the heavy lifting!

Helicopters tend to be versions of the venerable Mi8, a sturdy and simple Russian design that has stood the test of time due its power and reliability.

Snow & Weather

Kamchatka is a long way north and receives huge volumes of snow during a long cold winter. Ski touring and heliski operations in the south of the peninsula really crank up in Spring as they days lengthen and the suns shines. Even in June, snowpacks of 5-6m deep are not uncommon.

As with all backcountry skiing, & particularly heli-skiing where drops are often on exposed summits, snow conditions on any given run may vary widely. Expect alot of gorgeous powder, but also wind-effected crud, breakable crust & soft snow down low.

Where is Kamchatka, Russia?

Kamchatka is just about as far away from Moscow as one can get and still be in Russia. At over 6700km east of the capital, Kamchatka is actually closer to Los Angeles, but without any direct flights!

To reach Kamchatka, one will need to fly to Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky (PKC), which is only about 60km north of the main heliskiing area, Snow Valley. Ensure not to mix up the Kamchatka airport (PKC) with one in Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan (PPK). It would suck to land in Kazakhstan if you were intent on heliskiing in Kamchatka!

Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky (PKC) can be reached via Vladivostok (VVO) and the other far east city of Khabarovsk Novy (KHV). In turn, Vladivostok can be reached via Moscow (of course), Seoul (ICN), Shanghai (2 airports) or Hong Kong (HKG).

Search for a great deal on a flight to Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky (PKC), use one of our recommended flight search engines.

Tips on travelling to Russia, including getting visas, are here.

Kamchatka Accommodation

Most visitors to Kamchatka will have their accommodation included in the price of their heliski tour. A popular staging point is the Snow Valley hotel south of Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky. If you are privateering, a range of hotels, guesthouses & apartments are available in the town and countryside.

Search & book all Kamchatka accommodation here.


The Powderhounds will hopefully review Kamchatka during season 2019/20. More information is coming soon. Stay tuned for our new photos & insights.

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Heliski Kamchatka Volcanos Russia
8 Days | 7 Nights | 6 Ski Days
Ability: Advanced to Expert
Helski on volcanos in one the most stunningly beautiful places in the world. Enjoy 6-8000m vertical a day with single descents of up to 1600m. Stay in wonderful accommodation with its own hot springs. Join the "fixed date" tour or get your own group of 4+ together for a custom tour.
Price p/p From price based on twin/double-share room occupancy.
From price based 12 people in a group.
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USD 6,216
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