How To Get There

Where is Red Mountain?

Red Mountain Canada is located 3 kilometres from the town of Rossland in British Columbia, between the Monashee and Selkirk mountain ranges. The US border is only 6 kilometres away, so many visitors to Red Mountain Ski Resort come via the Spokane International Airport (2.5 hours away).


There are multiple gateway airports for Rossland and Red Mountain Canada, and you can search for flight options here.

Spokane International Airport in Washington state is serviced by multiple airlines and is 2.5 hours (225km – 140miles) away.

Trail Airport is 15km from Rossland and is only serviced by Pacific Coastal airlines from Vancouver.

Castlegar Municipal Airport is only 35km (21 miles) from Rossland and is serviced by Air Canada Jazz with daily flights from Vancouver and Calgary. This airport in unaffectionately known as “Cancel-gar” as they have no radar or some such silly thing, and require visual input to land. If it’s foggy, which you expect it to often be during winter, then you’ll have your flight cancelled. Are you getting the idea that this probably isn’t the best airport to fly into?

The other option is Kelowna Airport which is particularly good if partaking in a road trip of the Powder Highway (Powder Triangle). Kelowna is 300km away and is serviced by various airlines from Toronto, Seattle, Calgary and Vancouver.

Airport To Red Mountain/Rossland

There are airport shuttles to Red Mountain Canada or Rossland, and once there, it’s possible to get between Red and Rossland via bus (see below). However having a rental car and self-driving will provide the most flexibility once you’re there.

Scheduled transfers
Private Airport Transfers

Transport Between Rossland and Red Mountain

There is a free shuttle bus service between Rossland and Red Mountain that runs hourly from about 7:30am to 10:30pm, but they don’t guarantee the timetable. Pick up points in Rossland include the Prestige Hotel, Idgies and Casa Alpina.

Otherwise there are very expensive on-demand shuttles/taxis available. Not surprisingly there are usually hitchhikers standing on the side of the road begging for a lift.

Getting Around Rossland/Red

Red Resort is compact so it’s easy to get around on foot.

Similarly Rossland is easy to navigate by walking. Parts of Rossland are hilly and the steep footpaths can be slippery, so wear study shoes unless you’re just walking along the flat main street.

Other Ski Resorts Nearby

Other ski hills nearby include:
  • Whitewater ski resort (79km – 1:20 hours)
  • Salmo ski hill (55km – 1:00hour)
  • Phoenix ski hill (123km – 1:40hours)

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