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Ski Sweden, Riksgransen Ski Resort
Ski Sweden, Riksgransen Ski Resort
Ski Sweden, Riksgransen Ski Resort
Ski Sweden, Riksgransen Ski Resort
Ski Sweden, Riksgransen Ski Resort
Ski Sweden, Riksgransen Ski Resort


Ski & Snowboard Sweden

Skiing and snowboarding in Sweden offers unique snow experiences that are underrated by most, but not us!. Ski Sweden and get loads of snow, the most northerly ski resort in the world, midnight sun skiing, aurora borealis viewing (ooohhh, aahhhh!!), huge freeride terrain plus superb heli and backcountry skiing, making it a Powderhounds bucket list essential.

For families, Swedish ski resorts are some of the best in the world and worth a visit for something completely different. Lovers of alcoholic beverages will need to be cashed up or drink in moderation. Alcohol is seriously expensive in Sweden, so prepare to lose and arm or leg or just enjoy the purity of the Swedish air and water!

Ski Resorts in Sweden

Ski resorts in Sweden are typically Scandinavian - relatively low, extremely cold and snowy. There are allegedly over 100 ski resorts in Sweden, but lets face it, most of them are best described as 'small andcrap'.

Some notable exceptions exist and provide the basis for some tasty ski experiences. Are ski resort, with a respectable vertical drop of nearly 900m, 41 lifts and 101km of piste trails, is Sweden's largest. The closest ski resorts of note to the capital Stockholm are clustered around the town of Salen.  Six smallish ski resorts with verticals less than 400m are spread along the 50 odd km between Stoten and Klappen.

Riksgransen provides some of the best skiing in the world and it happens to be north of the arctic circle. Endless freeride terrain is the main draw card. Riksgransen often has perfect powder and as much backcountry adventure as you can handle.  When it warms up in May, the lifts turn at midnight for a truly unique ski experience. Due to the long hours of darkness during the northern winter above the arctic circle, Riksgransen doesn't open until late February but stays open until June if conditions are good.

Where are Sweden Ski Resorts?

Sweden's ski resorts are spread south to north along 1400km of highlands and mountains near the western border with Norway. Ski resorts (we use the term loosely!) to the south are small hills of less than 200m vertical. The real ski resorts start near Salen, about 400km north west of Stockholm. The northern ski resort of Riksgransen is a delightful 18 hour overnight train ride from Stockholm. 

To search for a great deal on a flight to Stockholm or other Swedish airport, use one of our recommended flight search engines.

Reasons to Ski & Snowboard Sweden

Sweden is still untamed in winter. Skiing and snowboarding can be done well into June during days of 24 hour sunlight. In the depths of winter, snow is cold and stable - perfect for backcountry skiing and adventure. Sweden also has many opportunities for heli skiing, something the Powderhounds intend to research as often as possible.

More information on skiing and snowboarding in Sweden is coming soon.

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