The closest accommodations for Ski Arpa cat skiing are about an hour away in the town of Los Andes. Los Andes is aptly named except that the town isn't really in The Andes, but the magnificent mountains are visible everywhere throughout the town. With a population of about 60,000 people, Los Andes is a great place to stay because you can get a feel for the real Chile, away from the staged culture of ski resorts. There are no great tourist attractions here except for some hot springs, but it's a pleasant base for skiing at Arpa or even Portillo.

A great accommodation pick is the Casa San Regis, an old hacienda built by Spanish royalty. Some of the rooms have been lovingly restored and the owners have found a fantastic balance between historical charms and modern conveniences. This bed and breakfast style estate has different room configurations to suit singles, families or couples, and the reasonable tariffs include breakfast and dinner. Casa San Regis is the closest lodging to El Arpa, situated on the outskirts of the town of San Estaban, a little north of Los Andes. See our review of Casa San Regis for more information.

If you want more luxury and less character, stay at Termas de Jahuel, a 4 star hotel that offers hot baths and pampering services.

For a more budget option, The Inca Hotel is offered in the packages.

Hotel Plaza Los Andes is a supposed upmarket hotel option for Los Andes, and perhaps it’s “upmarket” in comparison to some of the refugios (hostels) in town, but it's well and truly stuck in the 70s.

You can search for more San Estaban and Los Andes hotels here, and book on-line.

If you're just planning to do one day of cat skiing with Ski Arpa, the other option is to stay in one of the Santiago hotels.

Approximate travel times to Ski Arpa:
  • Los Andes - 1:25hrs
  • Casa San Regis (in San Estaban) - 0:50hrs
  • Termas Jahuel - 1:25hrs
  • Santiago - 2:15hrs