Food & Nightlife

Food & Nightlife

Yubari Restaurants

For dinner you can choose to dine at your Yubari hotel, or if you’re not on a half board package you can attempt to venture out to see if any little eateries are open.

At the Hotel Mount Racey there is a large buffet dinner on offer with Japanese, Chinese and Western cuisine. There is also plenty of the famous Hokkaido crab on offer too, but alas, during winter there isn’t the all-you-can-eat melon feast! A small range of drinks can be ordered with dinner.

At the Yubari Hotel Shuparo there is an almost identical buffet dinner on offer. On some nights they have set menu meals in the small restaurant opposite reception.

If you want to dine at the hotel that you’re not staying at, unless you have a very early dinner, you might need to walk home.

One of the advantages of staying at the Shuparo Hotel is that it’s easy to wander around the little streets of Yubari to find other eating options, although when we visited some of the restaurants were closed.

There is an izakaya a few doors down from the Suparo Hotel. On the parallel street is Izakaya Yubari-Orechi. Don’t expect an English menu or picture menu or any English to be spoken, but you’ll get by because the staff are so friendly. When we visited, they were trying to serve us some cod roe, a speciality of Hokkaido. We gave it a skip!

Yubari also has a little noodle restaurant that looks like it’s located in someone’s lounge room!

Yubari Bars & Nightlife

Hmmm…. Other than the couple of little izakayas, there are no bars in Yubari. There used to be a bar at the Yubari Hotel Shuparo back in the golden era, but it’s long gone.

So the extent of the Yubari nightlife may be whatever you can muster up after you’ve got drinks out of the vending machine!