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Stellar Heli Skiing Day Packages

Stellar Heli Skiing Day Packages5/56
Stellar Heli Skiing Day Packages5 out of 5 based on 6 reviews
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Stellar Heli Skiing Day Packages - Reviews

Stellar Heli Skiing Day Packages - Reviews

Stellar Indeed

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Stellar Indeed

Lovely snow (despite it raining in Nelson on the same day)
Chasing the weather
A sexy beast
The coach hard at work
Some open zones amongst the trees
Even though it was raining in Nelson, it had snowed a very nice 20cm overnight in the heli tenure. The weather was very borderline and it was quite miraculous that Stellar could get us out heli skiing. We mostly hung in the trees and as expected due to the weather, we did reasonably short runs. In one day of heli skiing, we only skied one tiny little fraction of the Stellar terrain and along with what we saw from the helicopter, we were impressed!

We had a phenomenal day and the stoke levels were still really high during après-ski drinks at the Kaslo Hotel! Thanks Coach and Jason for an outstanding day!

• Stellar Heliskiing offers single day and various length multi-day heli trips, so it provides plenty of flexibility to choose what suits.
• The location is ideal to have some warm-up skiing at Whitewater ski resort and/or a nearby cat ski operation (if you book a long way in advance).
• It’s a small operation, so the experience is delightfully boutique.
• Small group heli skiing is the ultimate and increases safety considerations along with terrain choice and freshies. The small heli is agile to get to the best spots.
• Stellar is owner operated and the highly experienced Jason and his team ensure there is attention to detail with respect to safety and other operational considerations.
• Down days are minimal so they can usually get you out skiing despite what Mother Nature throws at them.
• Like many other BC heli skiing outfits, there is a huge variety of terrain on offer and the snow quality and quantity are superb. There is a good reason that a few snowcat skiing operations have set up shop in the region, and naturally with the heli skiing, the upper elevations of the terrain are much higher.
• Stellar Heliskiing is somewhat of a newcomer to the BC heli skiing industry, and it’s relatively unknown because it’s not based near a big trendy ski town, so you have a decent chance of getting a spot without booking 5 years in advance.

• Kaslo isn’t situated close to any major (reliable) airports so it takes a while to get there, although the same can be said for many BC heli ski outfits.

Pro or Con Depending on Your Perspective
- Stellar Heli Skiing is not based at a remote backcountry lodge if that’s what you’re looking for, although staying in Kaslo would be pretty nice. The town location also makes day heli skiing possible, and arrival/departure logistics much easier.

You can see our video here. https://vimeo.com/320398306