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Please Support Us

There is so much noise in the internet space these days so  maintaining a quality website is becoming more difficult.

We are a small team trying to provide quality non-biase information so we don't earn any revenue from ski resorts unless they decide to advertise (which is not very often).

So our main line of revenue is based on commissions for accommodation bookings, packages & tours.

The only way we can earn commission is if you book via our website.

For example, if you find the ideal property via our listings on, if you don't come back to Powderhounds to book i.e. just go direct to, we don't earn anything.

Unfortunately generating revenue through these channels is become more and more difficult and hence the seen for placing some irrelevent ads from 3rd party providers on the website to try and suppliment our revenue.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could come back to to make bookings for accommodation, packages & tours if we helped you find those things.

Thank you

The Powderhounds Team