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Price p/p From price based on 4 guests with 1 guide (rate is per person) inclusive of meals & hut rental fees (2 days skiing/1 night stay)
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USD 240

Sun Valley Idaho Area | From 1 Day

Location: USA | Tour Focus: Guided | Terrain Focus: Backcountry
Ability: Intermediate to Expert
Price p/p From price based on 4 guests with 1 guide (rate is per person) inclusive of meals & hut rental fees (2 days skiing/1 night stay)
Base/invoice currency is USD inc taxes
* display price may vary slightly due to currency fluctuations Price includes taxes
USD 240
Sun Valley Trekking has built a network of 6 huts; stay in a single location & explore the area from the hut each day or tour between 2 or more of the huts to experience the whole area. All tours are for private groups & tours are fully flexible & customizable.
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SVT Guided Hut Tours Overview

Sun Valley Trekking has built a network of six huts nestled deep in the rugged and beautiful mountains of Central Idaho, allowing skiers to traverse remote and spectacular mountains with comfortable accommodations. A popular choice is to stay at a single hut for multiple days and explore the endless powder stashes, glades and peaks that surround each hut. Another option is to link two or more of our backcountry huts on a hut to hut adventure while ski-touring amid stunning mountain vistas. In the evening, kick back inside a cozy wood heated hut for delectable food, games, stories, and camaraderie. Cap off each night with a relaxing sweat in a cedar sauna or a deep-heat soak in a wood-fired hot tub!

SVT guides have intimate knowledge of the varied ski terrain surrounding the huts and will maximize the fun and adventure. There are many options for connecting their huts in three different mountain ranges, so please inquire to discuss the possibilities & SVT can create a tailored package to suit you and your group/family.

Equipment & Skill Level Required- Skill Level: No backcountry experience necessary; intermediate to advanced downhill ski ability and good fitness recommended.
- A Day Pack: big enough to hold your sleeping bag, extra clothes, avalanche shovel, probe, skins, water and lunch.
- Alpine Touring, Telemark, or Snowboard (split models or with snowshoes) equipment, skins and adjustable poles.
- Avalanche Rescue Equipment: Transceiver, Shovel and Probe.
- Sleeping bag & clothing to lounge around hut

If you need to rent equipment, you can do so here >>

Additional ServicesIn addition to guiding, SVT offer porter services to deliver additional equipment, clothing & food you may want to the huts so you don't need to carry them in.

There is also a skier towing service available if you want to get towed in to the hut by snow mobile rather than having to tour to the hut.

SVT Huts & Yurts

Sun Valley Trekking operates 6 different backcountry huts in the wild mountains of Central Idaho. Rated one of the top hut-to-hut ski operations in North America, these huts and yurts are ideally located in stunning mountain locations surrounded by pristine snow and phenomenal backcountry ski terrain. Each hut is a little different, some are Mongolian-styled round yurts and some are western-styled wall tents. All of the huts are cozy structures outfitted with wood stoves for heat (including plentiful cut firewood), propane stoves for cooking, fully outfitted kitchens and table-ware, solar power for lights and charging your widgets, bunks with comfortable mattresses, books, games, magazines, outhouses and beautiful wood fired saunas or hot-tubs! You only pack in your food and sleeping bag, everything else is provided at the hut.

Bench Hut (Sawtooth Mountains)
Nestled at 7400’ on the shoulder of Mount Heyburn in the Sawtooth Mountains, the new Bench Hut is a spectacular destination for the downhill shredders and intermediate skiers alike.

The trail to the hut, a 1,200' gradual elevation gain over 5 miles, proceeds gently up a ridge from the Redfish Lake trailhead or 4 miles up from Fishhook Yurt. Outstanding views of the Sawtooth and White Cloud Mountains mark this trail.

Once at the hut, there are a variety of downhill skiing and snowboarding opportunities. You can ski the gentle powder slopes directly behind the hut or venture into the big alpine bowls, chutes and faces that encircle the lakes basin above Bench. Ski and snowshoe tourers will love the classic 5 lakes tour which winds its way above Bench through frozen lakes surrounded by Sawtooth spires.

Bench is a unique wall tent built onsite from local lodge-pole pine with a massive picture window that frames the spires of Mount Heyburn towering above. All the basic amenities are provided at the hut including two wood stoves, a three burner propane stove for cooking, pots, pans, tableware, a solar-power system for lights and charging widgets, bunks with comfy foam mattresses, books, cards, games and a wood fired SAUNA! Guests need only bring food, avalanche equipment and sleeping bags.

Bench Hut may be linked with the Fishhook Yurt or Williams Peak Yurt to make a Sawtooth Hut to Hut ski adventure.


Fishhook Yurt (Sawtooth Mountains)

Fishhook Hut sits at 6,800 feet elevation next to a meandering creek in a beautiful meadow deep in the Sawtooth Mountains. The Sawtooth giants rise above the meadows, with spectacular views of Thompson Peak (the highest in the Sawtooth), Williams Peak, Mount Heyburn and Horstman Peak framed in the expansive window of the kitchen hut..

Fishhook Hut consists of two separate structures: a Mongolian–style yurt and a unique wall tent connected together by a lodge pole pine framed walkway.

All of the amenities for a comfortable stay are stocked at Fishhook: two wood stoves for heat, solar-power for light and charging your widgets, bunks with comfy mattresses, a three burner propane stove for cooking, all pots, pans and other cooking equipment, all tableware and utensils, a Dutch-oven (bring your own charcoal), books, board games, playing cards, magazines, two covered outhouses.

Moreover, a wood fired HOT TUB makes this hut extra special!

Guests need to bring only a sleeping bag, personal clothes and food. Fishhook sleeps 8 in the Yurt and 6 in the wall tent (14 total).

The approach to Fishhook is a gentle four mile tour, either following a meandering creek or along a beautiful ridge-line.

Fishhook is an ideal destination for tour oriented skiers or snowshoers, with many opportunities for scenic tours through the meadows and forests of Fishhook Valley safe from avalanche hazards.

For advanced skiers and boarders, there is also fantastic downhill and ski mountaineering potential on the big Sawtooth peaks above the valley. Horstman, Thompson and Williams Peaks are right above the Yurt and there are many classic ski mountaineering lines on the steep walls of these peaks and the Fishhook canyon.


Pioneer Yurt (Pioneer Mountains)

The Pioneer Yurt sits on the edge of a lovely alpine meadow with the flowing Hyndman Creek nearby and wonderful views and ski lines everywhere. The yurt serves as the gateway to skiing in the heart of this dramatic range.

Terrain surrounding the yurt includes large open bowls, rugged peaks, and rolling meadows.

Pioneer Yurt has opportunities for those seeking a touring experience, or when conditions permit, to ski the steep and deep. The mountains surrounding the Pioneer Yurt are ideal for ski mountaineering.

Big verticle relief on shapely alpine peaks up to 12,000’ with stunning ascent and descent lines. A ski mountaineer’s nirvana!

The Pioneer Yurt is a 24 ’ diameter yurt that sleeps up to 16 people and has all the comforts you have come to expect from a cozy SVT backcountry hut: full kitchen, bunks with pads, wood and propane stoves, solar-powered lanterns and speaker, library, and a great wood fired Sauna!

We approach Pioneer Yurt via Hyndman Creek off the East Fork of the Big Wood River. The ski into the yurt is roughly 6 miles and gains about 2000’ in elevation. The trip can be done in four to six hours by an average group of skiers. The area around the yurt is closed to snowmobiles before March 15th. Up until March 15, snowmobiles may be used to approach the first 5 miles to the yurt and after March 15th, may be used to get right to the yurt.

You can hire a snowmobile to tow skiers on the 1st 5 miles or a porter to carry up your provisions to the yurt. There are options to be helicopter dropped at the yurt as well.


Boulder Yurts (Smokey Mountains)
Great for Everybody: families, novice and intermediate skiers, track skiers, snowshoers, backcountry skiers and snowboarders, the Boulder Yurts are one of the most popular of our huts.

After an easy 1.5 mile tour from the trail-head, you arrive at the foot of Butterfield Mountain opposite the magnificent craggy Boulder Mountains.

Two Yurts, located at 7,120 feet elevation, connected with a framed annex accommodate 14 people. All amenities are provided including: two wood stoves for heat, Goal Zero solar powered lanterns for light and speaker for mp3 players, a three burner propane stove for cooking, all pots, pans, and cookware to produce a feast-including a fondue set (bring your own sterno), a charcoal grill (bring your own charcoal), all tableware and cutlery, books, magazines, board games, bunks with mattresses, a covered outhouse, and a classic wood fired SAUNA! Guests need to bring only sleeping bags, clothes and food.There are many winter-fun options for the Boulder yurt guest ranging from track skiing on the immaculately groomed 30 Kilometer Harriman Trail, touring through the meadows and along the ridges around the Yurt, taking some downhill runs on the fantastic Ice-cream ridge above the Yurt, or hitting the sledding slope outside the hut.

The Boulder Yurts are a great destination for all interests and abilities!


Coyoti Yurts (Smoky Mountains)
Situated at 8,700’ high in the Smoky Mountains of central Idaho, Coyote Yurt is a terrific destination for intermediate or advanced skiers or snowboarders looking for excellent downhill ski opportunities.

There are a great variety of ski slopes surrounding Coyote, from mellow powder bowls to steep corn descents and plentiful north facing burns, making Coyote a favorite among a loyal group of regulars.

The recent Beaver Creek Fire completely consumed the Yurts in August of 2013. The good news is that we have built a new pair of beautiful yurts and the fire has opened up vast and amazing new skiing in the burn!

Views of the magnificent craggy Boulder Mountains and the pyramids of the Pioneer Mountains greet Coyote guests right outside the front door, making for a truly awesome setting. One of our highest and most remote huts, the approach to Coyote is suited for experienced backcountry skiers with avalanche education. The route is 6 miles long, gaining 1800 ft. in elevation. The route finding can be tricky, so it is best to hire a guide if you are not sure about the route into the hut.

A favorite option for Coyote skiers is to hire a snowmobile tow to the base of the final skin track, knocking off 4 miles of road and getting you to the goods quickly. Please call or email us to find out more about this option.

Coyote has 2 yurts that sleep up to 19 people. It has all the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay including: wood stoves for heat, Goal Zero solar powered lanterns for light and speaker for mp3 players, a three burner propane stove for cooking, all pots, pans, and cookware to produce a feast-including a dutch-oven and a propane grill, all tableware and cutlery, books, magazines, board games, bunks with mattresses, two covered outhouses, and a classic wood fired SAUNA! Guests need to bring only their own sleeping bags, clothes, food and avalanche safety equipment.


Tornak Hut (Smoky Mountains)

Intermediate and advanced skiers and snowboarders will love the abundant downhill runs and high touring terrain around Tornak Hut.

Tornak is nestled at 8,400’ in the Smoky Mountains of central Idaho. The terrain around Tornak is complex, allowing for turn-oriented skiers and riders to find the best aspect, elevation and angle for great skiing. You can see a short video of skiing at Tornak here.

Tornak is a spacious wall tent that sleeps 14 people and is stocked with all of the necessary equipment and luxuries for a cozy stay in the mountains including: two wood stoves for heat, solar-power for light and charging widgets, a three burner propane stove for cooking, all pots, pans, and cookware to produce a feast, all tableware and cutlery, books, magazines, board games, bunks with mattresses, two covered outhouses, and a classic wood fired SAUNA! Bring your own sleeping bags, clothing, avalanche equipment and food.The approach to Tornak is 4 miles and a sharp 1,400’ elevation gain -- or a gradual 10 mile approach on a logging road.

Tornak can be connected with Coyote Yurt (a gradual 3.5 mile tour) for a high hut-to-hut trip, or simply be a destination for a fun weekend of turns and camaraderie!

Tornak was recently remodeled to create backcountry hut opportunities for those with disabilities. The spacious hut is barrier free, allowing those in wheel chairs to maneuver independently. Depending on the particular disability, those approaching Tornak may use motorized options such as a snowmobile, snowcat or helicopter. Tornak has become a favorite destination for Sun Valley Adaptive Sports and for other independent groups and individuals with disabilities. Please contact us or Sun Valley Adaptive Sports for more details.


Dates, Rates, Inclusions & Add-Ons

Season DatesEarly December to Late April (subject to snow conditions)

2017/18 Rates (based on guide to guest ratio)
 Guides  Guests Price 
 1  1   600
 1  2  380
 1  3  285
 1  4  240
 2  5  260
 2  6  240
 2  7  240
 2  8  240

About rates:

  • base/invoice currency is USD
  • prices displayed include taxes
  • prices are per person per 2 days skiing/1 night
  • Professional, qualified & knowledgeable guide (max 1:4 ratio)
  • 3 meals per day
  • Nightly hut rental fees
  • Portering of food
  • Equipment porter service - Approx $200/hut/day
  • Snowmobile cargo tow service - $inquire
  • Snowmobile skier tow service - $inquire
Not Included

SVT Terms & Conditions

Deposit: 50% deposit is required to secure your reservation
Balance: due 30 days prior to departure
Payment: Visa, Mastercard or person cheque

Cancellation Policy Please understand we are a small business with a limited season for operating, therefore cancellations affect us greatly and we must adhere to our cancellation policy. We strongly suggest you consider carrying an insurance policy for your trip.

Cancellation-No Snow: “No snow means no snow for touring around the huts. If we can tour, but can’t make powder turns, we still consider that we have snow. If there truly is no snow, then we’ll give you a full refund, less a 15% service fee on the reservation.

Cancellation- Foul Weather/Avalanche Hazard: We do not guarantee the weather, therefore there is no refund because of foul weather, poor snow conditions, or avalanche hazard. There are avalanche hazard-free routes into the huts and safe ski terrain around all the huts. A rental party has the option of hiring an SVT guide to show the party safe routes of travel. The 50% deposit on the hut rental reservation is nonrefundable. The balance is due 30 days prior to trip departure. You can pay with Visa, Mastercard, or a personal check. If we have already collected the balance and you cancel with more than 30 days notice, you will receive a Full Refund, less the deposit.

If you cancel between 30 days and 2 weeks before the trip, we refund half the balance, not the deposit.

If you cancel less than 2 weeks before your trip, no refund. (This includes cancellation due to sickness or emergency)

We understand things come up and want to work with you and see you go out to the huts. The deposit is nonrefundable, but is transferable. If you cancel with more than 30 days notice, your remaining Balance from date of cancellation may be utilized for another trip in the current season, weekdays only.

Cancelling a Day Tour: We require payment in full to secure a reservation. If guest cancels within 48 hours then we retain a $200/guide fee. If guest cancels outside of 48 hours then a $50 processing fee is retained only and the balance refunded.