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  • They Just Keep Getting Better

    11/06/2012 8:43:05 PM
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      This weekend I skied early season snow at Mt Hotham in Australia on my Wagner customs. People laughed at me in the lift lines for having big fat powder skis but when we strapped on the skins and headed back country we were the only ones laughing as we enjoyed sweet fresh untracked lines.

      My Wagners enabled me to float higher on the fresh snow ensuring I could ski without sinking through to the base.

      These puppies will handle any conditions!
    • Awesome in a Huge Variety of Snow Conditions

      15/11/2011 8:34:25 PM
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        It was great to give the Wagner customs another whirl, this time in Patagonia Argentina where the snow conditions vary significantly; from dry powder to snotty heavy snow, generally yucky snow, and shoddy grooming.

        I already knew that the skis went a pearler in powder, but they were AWESOME with the variety of snow conditions that Argentina ski resorts threw at them!

        This trip I didn't get sore knees. I've realised that perhaps 30 powder days in a row in Japan might put most people's knees to the test!
      • The Wagners Just Keep on Rockin!

        Top Dog - POWDERHOUNDS.COM
        12/09/2011 2:14:02 PM
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          I must admit, I was a little hesitant taking my Wagner powder skis to Argentina given I had spent most of my prior skiing time on them in waste deep powder in Japan and I was sure we would hit some icy conditions in Argentina.

          Pete said these babies would rock in any conditions and to date I must admit I can't fault my Wagner Customs. In fact I was riding some wind-packed off-piste crud and having a wow of a time whilst people on resort skis could't even contemplate riding off the groomers.

          Icy conditions are no fun for anyone on any skis but I have found my Wagners to hold a turn in these conditions as well as any other pair of skis I have owned.

          Yes there are slight compromises but these skis are proving to be the best all-round ski you could ever wish for.

          Stay tuned for my next adventure (testing ground) for my Wagner Custom skis.

          Thanks again Pete
        • Make Everyone Jealous

          19/01/2011 12:46:11 AM
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            My Wagner skis with the unique graphics are a great conversation starter on chairlifts and in gondolas. It’s not often you see skis with pink powderhounds paws (!!). They look distinctive but you can also see the superior craftsmanship. And then when I proudly tell people that my skis float and manoeuvre really well in the deep powder AND go really well on-piste, they are suitably jealous!

            My skis were fully customised. I asked for a copy of powder skis that I had, but with modifications to enable the skis to manage groomers and other resort conditions. I also wanted durable skis.

            On our latest research trip I got to try the Wagners out in chest deep powder – of course they were awesome! I ran them over lots of tree roots, branches and a few rocks (not on purpose!) and they passed the durability test. The skis were a whizz on the groomers and thanks to the stiff tips they didn’t chatter at Mach 1. Pete made them exactly as I’d asked, with stiff tips, but I’d possibly over-estimated my leg strength. I sometimes had a little bit of difficulty late in the day when the groomers deteriorated and my legs became fatigued and sore. So I’ll be off to the gym to work on my leg strength and endurance!

            I also asked for the Counterveil Construction (visco-elastically dampened carbon fiber construction) to keep the weight of the skis very light. Pete came through with the goods! The skis were so easy to carry over my shoulder or strapped into my backpack, and considering the strict airline baggage restrictions, I appreciated having lighter skis.

            Absolutely get yourself a pair of Wagner skis – spoil yourself and enjoy your skiing so much more.
          • Great for the Ego

            TOP DOG
            19/01/2011 12:40:50 AM
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              I really didn't believe that one ski could be great in such a variety of conditions however Pete Wagner said it could be done...and he has convinced me that it is possible........

              I spent 5 weeks on my new Wagner custom skis skiing deep powder in Japan (and on the odd occasion on groomed runs).

              My Wagner customs with the awesome POWDERHOUNDS graphic didn't let me down in any conditions.

              One thing that totally blew me away was how well these quite fat powder skis carved a turn on the hard-packed snow. In fact I even gave them a few bursts on some bumps and whilst they were a handful due to their size, they were by no means uncontrollable.

              In the soft crud, the soft tips absorbed the variations in snow density like a pair of springs.

              I am a total convert and now that I look a lot better skier than I am I can't see myself ever going back to off-the-shelf mass produced skis.

              Do yourself a favour and improve your skiing instantly; you won't be disappointed.

            • Captain America Skis

              Timmy Dow
              17/11/2010 8:47:59 AM
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                I was lucky enough to have a pair of skis made by Wagner in 2008. The design process was really fun and detailed...the Skier DNA profile does a great job of detailing how and what you like to ski. I picked my own graphics(old school Hot Rod flames filled with Stars and Stripes) and actually got to see them in the build process when visiting Telluride for work. Pete nailed it. As good as i thought they would be, they are 100 times better. I have a big mountain ski that is a terror on hardpack too...go figure. I have heli skied with them at Snowbird, hiked em into the backcountry and laid them over on shitty hardpack. They have held up remarkably well and the construction is bomber. They are a huge value when you know how well they are built and how high-grade the materials are. I would not hesitate to endorse these in the least. Do yourself a favor and get some.....