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Wagner Custom Skis
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Wagner Custom Skis

Wagner Custom Skis & Powder Skis It’s frustrating when you demo a pair of skis and they seem pretty good, but they’re not perfect. The skis don’t quite handle the deep or the hard-packed, they chatter when you go too fast, they hook unexpectedly, they’re too damn heavy to carry, or they’ve got obscene graphics. Or it’s really maddening when you buy a pair of new skis and five seconds later you run over a rock and ruin them.

If you want the perfect pair of skis, get some that have been specifically made for you. Some custom made ski companies just give you several options to choose from, but at Wagner Custom the skis are absolutely fully customised so you can get exactly what you’re after.

Pete Wagner is a very clever mechanical engineer and computer whizz. Thankfully he also has a passion for skiing so he’s able to put his engineering talents to fantastic use.

How Do Wagner Customise the Skis? Pete and his team use computerised diagnostic and design tools that prescribe a ski shape and flex pattern to match your “skier DNA”. The skier DNA is essentially a questionnaire that takes into account factors such as height, weight, age, terrain preferences, likely snow conditions, binding considerations, skill level and what you are looking for in a pair of skis. Most importantly they ask about skis you’re familiar with.

Wagner Custom have a “spy machine” that analyses other skis regarding their flex patterns, rocker and other characteristics, so if there are elements of a ski that you like (and others that you don’t), they can use this information in the design phase. They have an extensive database with information on lots of skis. The combination of skier DNA and spy machine data are then computer analysed to generate the ideal ski shape. The computer feeds information to a milling machine that carves the wood and base, but beyond that the skis are hand crafted with an emphasis on attention to detail.

Top Sheet Design The top sheet design is also customised and you can self-design to a degree. They have different classy wood veneers or solid colour options, and can incorporate various design features to make the skis look very sexy. If you like they can even put your name on your skis, or a photo of your wife or dog!

Durability The skis aren’t just good looking. Importantly they’re also very durable with super dooper over-sized edges that won’t blow out on the first rock you ski over. Durability is further enhanced with extra thick base materials and cores made of premium hardwood such as maple and ash.

Powder Skis Wagner Custom skis are very popular amongst powder skiers. It’s not surprising that backcountry operations such as CS Irwin Cat Skiing have a fleet of Wagner skis. And just because your powder skis are great in the deep white stuff doesn’t mean that they won’t be good on the frontside. Wagner can build a pair of versatile skis that can go everywhere.

Why Wagner? Wagner creates deluxe skis that are completely tailored to the individual. They use the finest materials that are durable, aesthetically pleasurable, and very functional, and the skis are made with attention to detail and the ultimate in craftsmanship. You’ll be the envy of all your friends and others on the chair lift (or snowcat or helicopter!).

For more information on why you don’t want a mass-produced pair of skis see the Wagner Custom website.

If you’re a one plank rider, Wagner also makes custom snowboards.

How To Order Your Wagner Custom Skis Telluride is home to Wagner Custom Skis. Alternatively if you’re not in the Telluride area you can ring them or undertake the whole process on-line. You can pick options such as world cup bases, super durable bases, an impact resistance package, or Countervail construction (visco-elastically dampened carbon fiber construction). The turn-around time is about 3 weeks and then you’ll be enjoying superb skiing bliss.

Wanna hit the pow now? Check out the Wagner Custom website to order some to-die-for skis.